Kay Francis (anenantiomer) wrote in gardenstate,
Kay Francis


i searched around google a little trying to find the answer to my question.
in the opening scene on the plane, what is the song that is playing?
i know it's not on the soundtrack
and i wasn't really sure where else i could go to find this song.
if anybody knows, please tell me. thank you!
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The song at the beginning over the plane crash is a Hindu prayer to Ganesh. I heard it and thought it was both haunting and beautiful at the same time. -- zach braff

i thiiiiiiiiink it's called "prayer to lord ganesh".
He heard it from his brother's ganesh alarm clock.


August 15 2007, 14:20:52 UTC 9 years ago

I really loved this song too and searched everywhere trying to find it, according to imbd (in garden state trivia) it is a song from a ganeesh alarm clock (u know that hindu god in the form of an elephant) the song is actually a hindu prayer, so I don't think we'll b downloading it anytime soon! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!